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Oct 3, 2011 in Pack News and Announcements

Pack 32 Scouts Assembled at East Amwell School

Pack 32 Scouts Assembled at East Amwell School

There’s a lot you can do here, but if you want to be able to take advantage of everything this site offers, first you need to register.

What does this site offer? It offers different things for different people.

For visitors who are not logged in, it offers Posts and Pages:  information like what you are reading right now – stuff about the Pack that anyone who visited might  want to know.  It also provides public access to Event information, but reserving space for an event requires registration.

For people who are logged in, the site offer two different levels of access:

Pack leaders can manage and participate in groups and discussions, create and register for events, share documents, connect with and email members

Pack Members can join groups, participate in discussions, share documents, register for events, connect with other members.

The site features Groups for each of the Dens, one Group for the Pack as a whole and one for the Pack Committee.  The Den and Pack groups are accessible to any  registered, logged in site members. The Pack Committee is accessible only to Committee members by invitation. Each Den has it’s own Discussions, Events, Documents, Member lists. The Den groups can also be assigned administrators and as each Den leader signs up, they can be given administrator rights for the Den groups.

When new discussions are created, emails automatically go out to the members. Members can define how they would like to receive messages from discussions: every time a new message or comment is added; once a day in digest form; whenever they are mentioned in a post; whenever someone invites them to join a group. etc, etc, etc.

Events are pretty cool: you can create an event, define the location, define how many people can attend, required “booking” registrations. The system handles all of the notifications, emails, reservations, etc. It can even be configured to handle payment processing.

There’s more than  all this even, but the best way to discover what it can do is to to try it out.

Please give your feedback – once you have registered and logged in, visits this Forum topic: “Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions about this Website”  and join the discussion on this.



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